Strategic Plan 2013 - 2017

The Strategic Plan for the Club is available to download.

The plan covers the five year period from 2013 - 2017 and contains information pertaining to the Club's purpose, values, stakeholders and vision.


Purpose Statement

SYC exists to:

Give members & locals access to an involved boating community and the social benefits of a "river-side lifestyle".


SYC Values

  • Service
    • Professional & Innovative
    • Friendly & relaxed
  • Ethics
    • Honest
    • Socially & environmentally engaged
  • Accessibility
    • Affordable
    • Safe & family friendly
    • Inclusive

Priority Stakeholders

  • Full members
  • Social members
  • Visitors
  • Government agencies
  • Sponsors
  • Staff
  • RGL (liquor licencing)
  • Town of East Fremantle
  • Swan River Trust
  • Indigenous Owners
  • Boat Owners

Vision Statement

SYC's long term vision and tagline is:

"Bringing Life to the River"

The corner stones of SYC's brand:

  • Service
  • Ethics
  • Accessibility
  • Boating & Marine Cues

Purpose, Vision & Strategic Pillars

  • Give members and locals access to an involved boating community and the social benefits of a river side lifestyle
  • Facilities & Infrastructure
    • We have excellent facilities and infrastructure aligned with our strategic objectives
  • Attracting & Engaging people
    • We are highly valued by members, sponsors and our local community and our people and culture are a source of competitive advantage
  • Financial Sustainability
    • We are maximising our revenue streams and achieving our business objectives with optimal efficiency
  • Bringing life to the river

12 month, 2 Year & 5 Year Vision

The full 12 month, 2 year & 5 Year vision is available within the the Strategic Plan dowload.

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