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So the rundown on the Angling Section is pretty easy really, we are a group of like minded individuals and fishing tragics, who over the years have banded together to run our own fishing competitions..simple!

We are self managed and self funded and operate solely out of the Swan Yacht Club and is available to all full and social SYC members to join in the fun.

It doesn’t cost SYC members anything to sign up but we encourage the Anglers to get an Angling shirt from our committee (you may have seen them around the club)- they also come with whatever name you’d like embroidered on the chest. In order to join up you simply have to seek out one of the Angling Committee Members and give us your contact details so you can be on our mailing list.

Once we have saved your details you are basically ready to join in on all the comps every month (we do a leader board- best angler, best boat, NAFA award etc. explained below).

Our fishing comps are completely free as we raise all our own prize money through internal sponsorship and regular raffles at the bar etc. We give away around $200-$300 in cash and prizes (angling vouchers, fishing knives, sinker packs etc.) at every comp and have an annual wind up and a couple of other functions per year. We strongly encourage kids and anglers of both genders to participate and also encourage all Angling members to help out with raffles, generate sponsorship if possible, but it’s not compulsory.

In addition to the regular monthly comps we organise a few other events each year for the benefit of not only the angling members but their families and also the wider SYC Membership. Usually this includes one or two Abrolhos Trips in March/ April, The Intra Club Comp, an Angling BBQ and Luncheon and the Annual Wind Up Night as well as various other fishing related stuff depending on the ideas that we come up with. For example the Kalbarri Classic in 2016 was one event we decided to go to and towed 3 boats up there and camped for 4 days.

As for the format of the comps it’s pretty easy, it’s run from July 1 to June 30 and is held on the Sunday following the second Wednesday of each month (weather permitting, we can move it to other weekends, Saturdays etc). There are 2 main categories:

· Best Angler by total points

· Best Boat by total average weight

Top Gun Angler:

· To get Angler Points, we weigh fish in by species not number of fish i.e. the more species you weigh in the more points you get

· We have a list of target fish that are all worth 5 points called bonus fish (e.g. herring, whiting, snapper etc.)

· Any fish not on the bonus fish list can only be worth 5 points (as long as they are edible and legal e.g. sharks)

· Each of these fish have a bonus weight that attracts another 5 points if they are over this weight · Each fish has a season record and a club record- break any of these and there are bonus points of 15 and 25 points respectively

· Anglers only weigh in the largest fish of each species i.e. if you catch 5 herring, only weigh in the largest one. So the aim is diversity not volume of fish.

· Best anglers 1st, 2nd & 3rd prizes per month, with Grand Prizes for the overall Top 3 at the end of Year wind up.

Top Boat:

· This is the average weight of fish weighed-in i.e. if there are 4 of you on the boat, add up the total weighed in fish weight (not total fish caught!), divided by number of anglers (4).

· This gets totaled up over the year and basically best boat wins at the end of the year Hope this helps explain us to the casual SYC observer or those who may want to know more about joining up. Anyone is welcome to come down to the monthly weigh in’s held on the lawn at either TS Perth Naval Cadets or at SYC itself (depending on the time of year), so feel free to come down and have a look and see if it’s for you! We hope to see you soon James Aps- Angling Capt.

We hope to see you soon.


Captain - James Aps

Vice Captain - Travis Sims

Field Day Officer - Ian Hall

Treasurer - Owen Blackbeard

Secretary - Kevin Castensen

Social Secretary - Peter Hill