Biggest Morning Tea 2021

Hi Members,

We would like to Thank you all on behalf of the Cancer Council for your amazing contribution over the years to the Cancer Councils Biggest Morning Tea which has now passed its 15th annual event last week raising the incredible amount of $11,408. Bringing the total all up to nearly $65,000 since that very first BMT downstairs which even then attracted over 100 people. We did hold a very limited COVID restricted event last year with just 20 people, 4 per large round table, and that event raised over $2,750. All with the support of the Club who provide the venue, bottomless tea, and coffee, obliging staff to help set up, (special thanks to Staff member Julie for her ever helpful and professional work) and a very generous donation of $1000. Thank you!

The morning Tea itself was sumptuous with you all providing a plate of goodies. To the members, and non-members, who jumped on board for the setting up and helping on the day, you were amazing. Some new, some have done it all before. In your BMT aprons you were bubbly, bright and helpful to everyone. The beautiful flowers, organised by Carolyn Campbell, (who also donated multiple items to raffle) Donated by Christine Stewart, and put together by Margey Hegney Hall, and the Balloons donated by Tim and Deb Gray brought it all together for a fun and happy Morning conducive to raising.

And we did that! With Don and our Herring Bay neighbour Mike Coe who kept the auction running smoothly and with lots of humour, keeping Kevin Beilby and his runners on the go. Great Photos taken by our own Mark Maczkowiak should be on Club website for you to see. And most importantly A big thank you to my right hand man Barb Jeffery and hubby Les, who does all the voucher covers, printing, and controlling the auction and raffles. Nothing is too much trouble for all these people, especially this year due to my ongoing Cancer treatment I was needing extra help. And I got it in spades.

We had in attendance the CEO of the Cancer Council Ashley Reid to do a talk as to where all your money goes to work, and this year we ourselves are working closely with the Research team to potentially have our funds directed to a Resource Grant, Project Grant, or Student Scholarship. We also had Lynette Jenkins, (previous) Ladies committee SYC give her own personal journey with Cancer, not one Cancer but two very serious Cancers. Thanks to you both for informative and moving speeches. And of course, Don and I did our own personal journey update.

I cannot mention everyone, or all the Donors in and outside the club, there is so many. But have attached a list for you to read and support these people whenever you are able, I would though like to mention a few in the club who have over many years supported and always been so generous. Rick and Tina Smith, (Yallingup Getaway) The Angling Club, amazing section of the Swan, (cash and vouchers) Robbi Sloan, (timber toys and other items) Paul Nichols, Mark and Sharima West, Boat Brokers, (Swarovski Jewellery) Kim Reid artist (Painting), Garry Barker and Di Schoch (boat trip on Trilogy) Rebecca Conclaves (multiple donations)

I was planning on making this my last BMT but have decided now to make a 20 year anniversary in 2026 and by the we will hopefully raise $100,000. See you there.

Thank you,
Marian Byfield