2020 / 2021 Points List


The Pen Holder agrees with the Club that so long as the Pen Holder enjoys the benefit of the licence and the use of the pen while the Pen Holder’s boat remains moored with the marina, the Pen Holder and/or each of the partners in the vessel where appropriate, shall:-

Undertake 5 designated club events which are;


Open Mooring Meeting - 5th June 2019 (Minutes Attached)
Commitee Voting
- 16th & 17th August 2019
Annual General Meeting - 21st August 2019 (Download Agenda) | (Minutes Attached)
Commodore's Cabaret -
26th October 2019
Busy Bee - 14th September 2019
Open Mooring Meeting - 6th November 2019
½ Yr. AGM - 19th February 2020 (Download Agenda)
Open Mooring Meeting - 5th May 2020
ANZAC Day - 25th April 2020
Intra Club Fishing Day - TBA
Annual General Meeting - 19th August 2020

Please note:

Members who confirm an event at the club for 15 or more persons will have earned a point.

Participating in Time Trialling Events will also earn you a point along with participation in any of the section sanctioned events.

The Swan Yacht Club has a flexible approach to members meeting the 5 point obligation. Speak to the General Manager to confirm other alternatives in and around your commitments.

Download SYC Points List 2019 / 2020