The Swan Yacht Club offers a range of memberships ensuring you and your family can enjoy your time on the water and in the Club.

Want to become a member? You can apply for membership here or view the memberships below, and then click apply.

Enquire with reception for more information - (08) 9339 3520


> Online Access Experience all the online features of this site. $0.00 Apply

> Nomination Fee Upfront Fee $1,155.00 Apply

> Full Membership Full membership to the club (required for boating) $1,175.00 Apply

> Country Membership Lives a minimum of 150km from the clubhouse. $700.00 Apply

> Senior Membership A Full Member who holds a current Social Security pension card. $700.00 Apply

> Associate Membership Associate member - partner or relation to a full member $70.00 Apply

> Social Nomination Fee Upfront Fee $120.00 Apply

> Social Membership Social member only (has no boating or voting rights) $129.00 Apply

> HSS (Social Members) House Support System $60.00 Apply

> HSS (Full Members) House Support System $90.00 Apply

Pen / Ramp Fees

Dry Pen Fees PA $2,045.00

Dry Pen & Hard Stand Waiting List (min to be lodged with Club) $1,000.00

Ramp Fees $295.00

Pen Security $112.00

Ramp Security $51.00

Dinghy Rack $160.00

Finger Jetty $250.00

Wet Pen Ingoing Contact administration for details

Wet Pen fees Contact administration for details

Wet Pen Waiting List (min to be lodged with Club) $1,000.00

Fremantle SSR $37.00

Temp Pen Fees - Small (per week) $160.00

Temp Pen Fees - Large - vessel 12m+ (per week) $267.00

Dry Pen Ingoing $4,370.00

Hard Stand Fees PA $1,500.00


Up and Down $200.00

Per Day $24.00

Hose $25.00

Environmental Fee $38.00


Per Day $48.00

Environmental Fee $38.00

Hose $25.00

Up and Down $270.00

For the period, 1st October to 22 December in each year, boats remaining on slips over the booked period will incur a charge of $55 per day (Members) or $110 per day (Non Members).  This charge may be waived at the Management Committee's discretion.



The HSS aims to encourage members to use the club’s food and beverage facilities more often.

A charge of $60.00 for social members and $90.00 for full members will appear on your statement on 1st July, 30th September, 31st December and 31st March.

This will be a consumable credit on your account that is available to you once you have paid the invoice.

HSS has a 6 month expiry except for the amount invoiced on 31st march which only has 3 months.

You can check your balance at any time by contacting the office or via the Bar/Galley Staff.

If your credit is paid for but left unused after the expiry times, it will be forfeited and the club will invest the unused credit into various ongoing capital projects.



Charges for safety checks, mobile radio facilities, haulage, hire of equipment, temporary pen fees for members and non-members and any other miscellaneous services will be set by the management committee.



All pen holders to pay an annual fee of $100.00 All ramp permit holders to pay an annual fee of $50.00 All social members to pay an annual fee of $5.00



Pen fees may be paid in two equal half yearly instalments, 50% by first day of July and balance by first day of January in each year. An administration fee of $50 is payable with the first instalment if this option is chosen.



Social Members enjoying a drink at the Swan Yacht Club (Featuring Aaron Sandilands & Shaun McManus)


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SYC Angling annual fishing competition